Cylinder Head


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The engine cylinder head performs function of a cover that covers the block and parts of the piston group. That's why it is considered a key element of the full-fledged engine operation. Due to the fact that an optimum fuel air mixture is formed and ignited in the cylinder block,depressurization of the cylinder head may entail not only leakage of liquids, but also loss of engine power. If there is a presence of deformation,depressurization or damage to this element, it is recommended to urgently repair or buy a cylinder head for car.

Functions and device cylinder head

Knowing the main systems of the cylinder head, you can determine the overall function of this element.The design of the cylinder head includes:
  • Cylinder head cover performs the protective function of the cylinder block.
  • Rubber gasket cylinder head is a seal adjoining the cylinder head to the block, provides sealing and necessary compression.
  • Due to the fact that the head is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the car is guaranteed more than a 100 000 kilometers of trouble-free run (depending on the car model) with proper engine operation.
After it was decided to buy a cylinder head its installation should be carried out responsibly and according to the technical regulationsof the carmodel. Thus, a certain forceand sequence of bolttightening is important. Too weak or too stretchcan lead to breakdown of the gasketand more seriousconsequences.

Cylinder head: breakage and repair

During the operation of the car, the main faults of the cylinder head can be:
  • Break through the gasket.
  • Head deformation due to excessive engine overheating.
  • Crack in the main elements of the cylinder head due to high temperatures.
  • Most of the faults occur due to improper "handicraft" installation of the cylinder head, as well as overheating of the engine.
The reason to contact the service may be:
  • admixture of engine oil in the cooling system;
  • thick white smoke from the exhaust pipe;
  • the smell of burning in the engine compartment and the car;
  • loss of power and compression.
In 80% of cases, a complex breakdown of an element leads to a complex and expensive repair without a guarantee of full further functioning. Thereforein most situations it's more profitable to buy a cylinder head in UK, especially on favorable terms from the NDE online store. We are waiting for you with qualitative service, the optimal price of the cylinder head. You will get delivery to any region of UK. Contact us and get detailed advice on choosing a cylinder head for your car.